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 We will look at many areas:

   .Cost Segregation  .Property Taxes  .Credit Card Audit  .Workman's Comp               .WOTC Hiring Credit .Corp Loans  .Franchising  .Exit Strategy

   Keeping Your Costs Down Wherever Possible 


              AS A BUSINESS OWNER, YOU HAVE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE EVER!                               Your challenge is to run your business, and keep an eye on the bottom line, all at same time you are busy                                          with marketing, hiring and financing your business to success year in and year out! 


                    Our clients learn that they have a team behind them from the start, looking to keep them running lean...


            How easy is it?

                             Do you have 15 minutes for a brief Survey?

                                               You can find out where you can save $$$ everyday!                                                     


           We implement our STRYDE Software to find out what areas we can save you                       money. That will be discovered in MANY AREAS of your daily working expenses. 


                                                                                                                                              Taxes are a very big deal when you are retired.

                                                                                                                                                   Our clients utilize time tested, safe strategies that may seem unconventional to you,       but utilizing them over the past 20 years have proven more successful than most of the     'main stream' media driven products, ie:mutual funds, stocks, roth iras.